2017 Ford GT specs

If you are in search for a powerful, sports and extremely luxurious car, then 2017 Ford GT is definitely the car for you. Namely, this car has exquisite futuristic design which is extremely appealing. Also, the interior is very comfortable. However, this car will be made for the ones who will have enough money to pay for it since it will be too expensive for the majority of people.

Engine and Transmission

Since this vehicle is intended to be a powerful sports car, the engine will certainly correspond to this. Namely, it 2017 Ford GT will have enormously powerful 3.5 liter V6 engine with turbo charging. This engine will be able to produce more than 600 horsepower, which is enough to run this car. This car will have a dual clutch which has seven speeds. In order to enhance the speed and consumption, this vehicle is made from lighter materials, which is the most evident from its wheels.
2017 Ford GT engine

2017 Ford GT exterior

This car is designed in such a way that it seems that it simply slides through the air. The manufacturer has made a perfectly aerodynamic sports car so that it would not lose on speed in any way. Also, this model has a kind of futuristic look, which will be also more appealing to younger generations. The first thing that can be noticed are front LED headlights which are designed in such a way to follow the lines of the vehicle. Then, there are circular taillights which also give the impression of strength and power.

New Ford GT interior

This vehicle is primarily made for two passengers. The interior materials will be of the finest quality, and they will also be combined with all possible technological advancements of this technological era. This technological accessories and improvements will definitely improve both the safety and comfort of the drive since they will bthere to please you and to monitor the condition of the vehicle.
2017 Ford GT interior

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New GT Release date

This powerful car was officially presented during the Detroit Auto Show this year, i.e. during 2015 Detroit Auto Show, as a concept of the future model. The production of the model will start next year (2016), and it is also the year when the sales will begin in authorized dealerships.


If we take into account that that 2017 Ford GT is a very luxurious sports car, it comes almost as natural that the potential buyer of this car will have to pay a lot for this vehicle. Namely, it is estimated that the price of this car will go from about $200,000 and more. So, this is definitely a car for the ones with bigger pocket.
2017 Ford GT

If we reconsider all the aforesaid, 2017 Ford GT is one fantastic car. The aerodynamic, trendy and futuristic style will be pleasing for everyone’s taste. Also, the comfort and interior luxury will suffice the needs of the pickiest person. It is needless to say that this car will have the power that will have no boundaries. The only “setback” for most of the people will definitely be its price.

Read more about this car on this site. http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ford/2017-ford-gt-ar107642.html

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