2016 Lincoln Town Car release date

The end of Lincoln Town Car in 2011 marked the end of an era. Iconic limousine (the bestselling luxury and chauffeured limousine in the United States and Canada) was retired after the sales plummeted to barely 11,000 units in 2010. Ford pulled the plug on Town Car without any announcement and Lincoln lost its flagship. But it would seem that situation for Town Car is improving. Rumors have it that Lincoln engineers were tasked with a job to create a car that would compete with BMW 7 series and Mercedes S class. The rumor has been around for a year now, and lately the possibility for the new model to be branded Town Car also surfaced. This will be a boon to sales in the United States and Middle East, Lincoln Town Car’s traditional markets, but it will be interesting to see how 2016 Lincoln Town Car would perform on Mercedes’ and BMW’s home turf, in Europe.

Exterior design

Without any official announcement from either Ford or Lincoln, we can only guess at what the new car will look like. One thing is certain, the designers will have to start from the scratch. Current Lincoln luxury sedan, the MKS, is based on a platform that supports either front wheel or all-wheel drive, while traditionally Town Car had a rear wheel drive. The latest model was designed in 2003, which means that even if it is to be used as a basis for a 2016 version, it will have to be heavily modified. The design is woefully outdated, not to mention the technology and safety features. If anything, 2016 Lincoln Town Car’s designers have their work cut out for them.
2016 Lincoln Town Car exterior

2016 Lincoln Town Car interior

If exterior of the car is outdated, the interior is even more so. The level of equipment BMW and especially Mercedes offer in their flagship models is something that will require a lot of effort to parry in 2016 Lincoln Town Car. Customer’s understanding of luxury has changed drastically in 12 years since the last Town Car was designed and things that were considered superfluous or unnecessary back then are today quite common.
2016 Lincoln Town car interior

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Engine details

Things are much clearer about the drive train that will power 2016 Lincoln Town Car. The first option will probably be one of Ford’s EcoBoost engines, maybe 3.5 liter V6. With 385 horse powers and with 6 speed automatic gear box, it should provide enough power for most day to day drives. Interesting option would be a Coyote 5.0 liter engine from new Mustang GT. This monster delivers more than 400 horse powers and would really give 2016 Lincoln oomph for even the hardest tasks. Still, it would be wise to remember that this is a luxury flagship sedan, not a sport car.

2016 Lincoln Town Car release date and price

The only thing we know for certain is that the new Lincoln Town Car will be presented in 2016. The price is far from set, but to be competitive, Lincoln and Ford will have to take into the account their rival’s prices.

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