2016 Lincoln Navigator interior and exterior

If you are in need for a powerful SUV then 2016 Lincoln Navigator is definitely a vehicle for you. The masculine design, very spacious and comfortable interior and extremely powerful engine make this SUV a dream come true for all those who need it because of its speed or who need it for transportation of goods and materials.

New Navigator engine and transmission

The engine that is going to be used here is 3.6 liter engine with V6. This engine will be able to create incredible 370 horsepower, which is enough to get you everywhere you want. If we are talking about the transmission, Navigator will be equipped transmission which will have six speeds. The thing which is interesting about this model is that that it will be much faster than its predecessor; this is enabled by quicker acceleration of the engine.
2016 Lincoln Navigator engine

Exterior design

This new Lincoln is manufactured in such a way as to demonstrate strength and power. This is visible from sharp edges of its design. The masculinity can be also witnessed in its grille and bumpers. New LED head and taillights perfectly fit in the overall design just adding the masculine touch.

2016 Lincoln Navigator exterior 1
This SUV has four doors and enormous cargo area. The cargo area is perfectly spacious for transportation of big quantities of goods and materials. The thing which will be interesting to many is that there is the possibility of moon roof over the first seats.
2016 Lincoln Navigator exterior 2

Interior design

The interior is made in such a way as to correspond with the luxurious exterior. Namely, the manufacturer included leather seats which are very comfortable. Also, this vehicle has enough space which only adds to the overall impression of magnitude and comfort of this vehicle.
2016 Lincoln Navigator interior
Furthermore, the manufacturer also did its best in order to incorporate all technological improvements possible. Namely, there are various settings both on the dashboard and the steering wheel which will certainly make your drive much easier and comfortable and, more importantly, this will also make the drive safer for all passengers.
2016 lincoln navigator luxury design interior

2016 Lincoln Navigator release date

There was no official release of 2016 Lincoln Navigator. However, the manufacturer has announced the release of this SUV for the end of this year (2015), or for the beginning of the next year (2016).


If we take into account that this model has not been released for sales yet, then we cannot talk about the specific price. But, it is estimated that the basic model of this powerful machine will cost about $61,000, and that a potential buyer will have to pay about $71,000 if he intends to buy a fully equipped and upgraded model.

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