2016 Lincoln MKX release date

There are not enough words which can describe the magnificence of this car. It is perfect in terms of interior and exterior design. Also, all this in combination with the powerful engine gives a truly remarkable car model. There are not many things left to be said except that this magnificent vehicle is worth every cent. Let’s read about it.

2016 Lincoln MKX

Engine specs

This model has a very strong engine, which is logical since this machine needs a lot of power to smoothly go on. This machine has 2.7-liter engine which generates the incredible 330 horsepower. This strength is the thing that separates this vehicle from the other. This car also has an astonishing Drive Control which will be of great help to every driver since it customizes the driver on difficult and harsh terrains, which is enabled through forty-six different inputs that are sent to the car through various sensors. If you are troubled by hard terrain, and have difficulties getting through, this model has four-wheel drive which will allow you to get out from anywhere and to get everywhere you want.

2016 Lincoln MKX exterior design

Every description of this car ends with a look at it. The perfecta aerodynamics is enhanced with carefully chosen details which only contribute to the overall impression of style and elegance. The manufacturer incorporated HID headlamps which are of great help since they always adjust to the surrounding, i.e. to the visibility. LED headlights and taillights are the story for themselves since they perfect and elegant lines. Moreover, they spend far more less energy.
2016 Lincoln MKX exterior 2
The exclusivity of this car is guaranteed by the panoramic roof which goes all over the roof and enables the passengers from both the front and the back seat to enjoy the weather and the view. This panoramic roof has a sunshade, so you do not have to worry about the hot weather and very sunny days. The cargo area is very spacious, and, moreover, it can open by itself when your hands are full. This model has two wheel options: the first one are18-inh wheels and the second one is 20-inch wheels.
2016 Lincoln MKX exterior

New MKX interior design

The first thing that can be said about 2016 Lincoln MKX’s interior is that it is absolutely astonishing. The thing that the manufacturer is very proud of is the steering wheel of this astonishing car. Namely, 2016 Lincoln MKX has an adaptive steering wheel which will enable you to turn the vehicle and drive into turns more smoothly. The touchscreen gives you the possibility to monitor both the car and the road. There is enough comfort for even the full car which is enabled by the perfectly incorporated leather seats. This car has literally every possible modern technology available possible in a car.

Release Date

The manufacturer announced the release for sales in official dealerships of this car for the fall of this year, i.e. 2015.


The price is a very important issue for many potential buyers. It is estimated that the basic model of this vehicle will be around $32,000, and that if you want an upgraded and enhanced model you will have to pay about $38,000.

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