2016 Lincoln MKS release date

The 2016 Lincoln MKS is a perfect car for all those who are in need for a carefully designed car both in terms of interior and exterior, and for a car which will be powerful enough to get you whenever you go. The combination of good design, stability and safety of vehicle will certainly contribute to the demand for this model.

New MKS Engine specs

Since we are talking about heavy and big car, it is natural that the manufacturer will have to incorporate equally strong and powerful engine. The manufacturer will offer this car with two engine options. The first engine option is going to be a 2.9 liter engine with six cylinders (V6). It is estimated that this engine is going to be able to produce about 300 horsepower, more than enough for this machinery. We are talking about an EcoBoost engine. The second engine option is going to be a 3.5 liter engine which is also going to have six cylinders (V6). The estimations say that the second engine option is going to be able to produce 365 horsepower. Both of these engines are powerful enough to dive strength to this big and heavy vehicle. It is estimated that Lincoln MKS will use the automatic transmission which will have six speeds. However, there are speculations that this transmission is going to be replaced with nine-speed transmission. Also, it is speculated that all-wheel drive will be facilitated.

2016 Lincoln MKS exterior design

The exterior speaks for itself. We are talking about elongated and heavy car which robust platform. The model is made with four doors and aa very spacious trunk which will be sufficient for every kind of trip or journey.
2016 Lincoln MKS EXTERIOR 2

Interior design

The interior of this car is designed in such a way that it is both stylish and luxurious, and also very comfortable. There is also enough space for all passengers in the vehicle. Regarding the accessories, 2016 Lincoln MKS will be equipped with all relevant technological improvements of the modern era that will ease the drive and make it even safer.

Release Date

There has not been any official release of this model; however, it is announced that 2016 Lincoln MKS is going to be officially presented during the New York Auto Show which is during the beginning of April this year (2015). Also, it is estimated that the sales will start during this year as well.

New 2016 Lincoln MKS price

Taking into account that this model is not officially released for sales in official dealerships, it comes as no surprise that we cannot talk about precise price estimate. However, on the basis of speculations, this model will certainly cost more than $43,000 for the basic model. The upgraded and enhanced model is surely going to cost much more.
2016 Lincoln MKS exterior

All things reconsidered, 2016 Lincoln MKS is a car with carefully designed exterior, comfortable and spacious interior, powerful engine and overall comfort and stability. If you are in search for such a car then you have found out what you were looking for in this model.

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