2016 Ford Fusion release date and price

The 2016 Ford Fusion is a sedan which is offered to potential customers in five different options. The things which are the same for all variants of this vehicle are the carefully and beautifully designed exterior, carefully planned and very comfortable interior and very powerful engine which will keep this sedan running.

Engine specs

The manufacturer offered this model in three different engine options. The first engine option is a 1.5 liter engine which will be able to produce 181 horsepower. The second, engine option is 2.0 liter engine which can produce 231 horsepower. The most powerful engine option is the third one and that is a 2.5 liter engine which will be able to produce 175 horsepower. All engines are perfectly capable of keeping this sedan going. The transmission that is going to be used for all engine variants is the automatic one with six speeds. Additionally, this model is available both in front-wheel and all-wheel drive.
2016 Ford Fusion engine specs

New Fusion exterior design

This car comes with four doors. Its contours are so carefully planned that it seems as this car is sliding through the air. The LED head and taillights are incorporated in such a manner as to follow these lines and to give the overall impression of style and class. First of all, the manufacturer offers this model in ten different colors.
2016 Ford Fusiom

New Ford Fusion interior design

The interior is made from fine leather materials. Also, there is enough space inside for all passengers so that they may feel comfortable during the drive. The height of the driver’s seat can be adjusted. There are also many additions which make the driving easier and more pleasant, some of them are technological additions such as trip computer. Furthermore, there are stability and emergency braking assist, fraction control incorporated in this model.
2016 Ford Fusion interior

2016 Ford Fusion Release date and price

The 2016 Ford Fusion was officially presented, and it is now available in official dealerships where it can be bought.The prices of this model vary depending on the variant that a potential driver wants to buy. More specifically, the basic S version, i.e. sedan with front-wheel drive will cost about $22 600, the SE sedan version with all-wheel drive will cost you about $27 900, next there is SE front-wheel drive sedan for which you will have to pay about $24 000. There are two Titanium versions of this model. The first is with all-wheel drive which will be about $32 800 for a potential buyer and there is also a Titanium version but with front wheel drive, and its price will be about $30 800. All in all, we can say that this car is affordable to many potential buyers.

If we reconsider all details once again, there is nothing left but the conclusion that 2016 Ford Fusion is a very beautifully designed and planned car which will provide comfort, space and safety at the same time. If we take into account the affordable price, then we are sure that it will be more than interesting to many potential buyers.

Read more about this car on this site. http://www.kbb.com/ford/fusion/2016-ford-fusion/

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