2015 Shelby Super Snake price

Ford uses the name Shelby for its GT350 and GT350R Mustang models, but the company that was founded by Carroll Shelby continues on his way with its normal jobs and the last one is new 2015 Super Snake which represents one of the most extreme versions of the Mustang ever. After company presented its Mustang GT earlier this year with 627 hp they now revealed new Shelby Super Snake with unbelievable 750 hp. Last time it was presented in 2011 it was based on GT500 and now it is based on new Mustang GT and only 300 units will be built this year.

Engine and specs

Maybe at the first glance it seems like the ordinary Mustang but it is beast in every aspect of that word. If we talk about powertrain, as a base option, 2015 Shelby Super Snake is offered with supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine which can produce 650 hp. This base model includes Shelby exhaust system, Shelby Wilwood front brakes, Shelby Performance cooling and Weld Racing Super Snake 20 inch wheels.

2015 Shelby Super Snake

As a second option it is offered with the same 5.0 Litter V8 engine which can produce 750 hp.This version comes with Whipple or Kenne Bell 750+ supercharger, improved cooling system, differential and transmission cooler and Shelby Willwood rear brakes.

2015 Shelby Super Snake exterior and interior design

Outside Super snake looks really awesome with very aggressive look and with a whole host of carbon fiber bits. The Front splitter, side extensions, rear diffuser, hood with a pronounced air intake, rocker panels and taillights panel are all made from lightweight materials. Among other details the thing which are worth mentioning are black grille, race “stripes”, rear spoiler, and attractive 20-inch WELD Racing wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

2015 Shelby Super Snake exterior

Emphasized sporty styling continues in the interior also, which received additional pointers for crucial parameters, outlined short gearshift lever and special carpets. Customers will be able to choose additional options also such as Katzkin package for the interior, roll cage with sports seats, among other details.

2015 Shelby Super Snake interior

Release date and price

If you want to have Super Snake you will need to pay $50,000 for a 650 hp version and $54,999 for the more powerful model to the existing price Mustang GT, which serves as a base. So, basically you will need to add $30,000 to the mentioned digits. About 300 units will be made for this year, so there is no talk of some sort of serial production. Customers will be able to choose additional options such as Katzkin package for the interior, roll cage with sports seats, among other details.

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